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How to save your cost!

In a broad sense, bearing life depends on: selection, working conditions, bearing design, bearing material, manufacturing process, heat treatment, installation and adjustment, sealing, lubrication, and so on. These factors depend on each other and affect each other, any one of them can affect the service life of the bearing. When the bearing selection is fixed, the above factors will jointly affect the bearing life. Our engineers can analyze which of the many elements are the most important according to the actual situation of the customer, and propose an overall application solution.
Based on decades of successful supporting experience and years of intensive research by our application design team, we have developed a unique value in many application areas. In addition to our existing product line, we can also design customized products for our customers as well as provide analysis and guidance on bearing application design.

Application design solutions

Using professional bearing analysis software, combined with professional application experience in bearings, we can provide a comprehensive analysis of the equipment structure and operating conditions, and propose a systematic solution at a reasonable cost using limited space to meet the customer’s design requirements to the maximum extent.