TWB Bearings Industrial Applications

In many host product designs, bearings are often considered to be just standard parts, so the application design of bearings is often not accurately analyzed, and in the actual application there are often “big horse-drawn car or small horse-drawn car” phenomena. As the equipment application of mining conditions is very different, the application of bearing design in the equipment design stage is particularly important.

Based on decades of successful experience and years of in-depth research by TWB’s application design team, we have developed a unique value in many applications. In addition to our existing product line, we can design customized products and provide analysis and guidance on bearing application design, including bearing type selection, clearance determination, bearing configuration, lubrication methods, mounting design, frictional heat generation, and theoretical calculations.

Bearing for Mining equipment

Mining equipment often operates in harsh environments such as dust, mud, and water, and is subjected to extreme conditions such as low speed and heavy load, shock, and vibration, making it a great challenge to operate reliably. Tidabay’s more durable and reliable mining machine series products have been successfully used in the industry for more than 20 years, effectively ensuring the continuous and stable operation of customers’ equipment, reducing unplanned downtime, and enhancing benefits for customers.

Bearing for Cement production

Cement production mainly includes ore collection and crushing, raw material preparation and pre-homogenization, calcination, clinker grinding, and other processes, with complex production equipment, harsh operating environment, continuous operation, and high-reliability requirements. Tidabay’s full range of bearings meets the needs of the cement industry with high performance, high reliability, and long life, helping customers to improve the reliability of continuous operation of equipment and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Bearing for paper-making equipment

There are many different types of paper-making equipment and different operating environments, with heavy loads, high speeds, shock loads, high temperatures, and high humidity. Tidabay’s full range of products can meet the application needs of different parts of paper-making equipment, effectively cope with heavy-duty, high temperature, and high-speed application environments, to ensure long-term, reliable operation of the equipment, is a reliable partner of many well-known paper machinery enterprises.

Bearing for Construction machinery

Construction machinery is mainly used in transportation construction and industrial civil construction, etc. The types of equipment include excavation, lifting, compaction, piling, road construction, concrete machinery, etc. To meet the application characteristics of different equipment, Tidabay has developed a series of special products with higher load capacity and less assembly and adjustment time to ensure that the customer’s equipment can work safely and reliably in harsh environments. For example, the MEQ series, which is specially designed for vibratory rollers, can effectively cope with the problems of bearing heating and burning caused by high excitation force, high vibration frequency and continuous operation, and has been the preferred choice of many famous construction machinery companies for decades because of its reliability and long life.

Bearing for Metallurgical

Metallurgical production equipment often operates continuously under harsh conditions of high temperatures, high pressures, heavy loads, and dust, placing high demands on the performance of the equipment. Tidabay’s high-quality bearings contribute to the stable operation of our customers’ equipment.
Tidabay’s products are mainly used in continuous casting machines, before and after hot rolling, and in conveyor rollers for heating furnaces. Our products for continuous casting machines are used in crystallizer vibrators, sector, and cooling section conveyor rollers, and have been successfully used in new production lines in many steel mills in China and abroad; meanwhile, as a reliable supplier of daily maintenance parts for steel companies, our products are also widely used in metallurgical gearboxes, fans, vibrating screens, conveyors and other equipment.

Bearings For Fans

Fans are machines used to compress or convey gases and are generally used for ventilation, dust extraction, or cooling. The performance requirements of bearings in the fan industry vary. Tidabay has established a market reputation for low noise, high stability, and long life based on higher-end fan applications. For decades, we have been providing customers with high-quality and stable products to effectively solve the problems of high bearing loss caused by the continuous and high-speed operation, as well as easy heating and noise of bearings.

Bearing for Lifting and transportation machinery

Lifting and transportation machinery is often in intermittent movement, repeatedly in the starting, braking, forward and reverse operation of the working state; operating speed is not high, but often under heavy load; most of the long-term in the dust or seawater corrosion and other harsh environments continuous work. The whole series of Tidabay products have decades of successful supporting experience in domestic and international clients, applied to gearboxes, travel mechanisms, lifting mechanisms, luffing mechanisms, rotary mechanisms, and other occasions, with high load-bearing, easy maintenance, long life, and other characteristics to ensure efficient, continuous and reliable operation of customer equipment.

Bearing for Transmission

Concrete mixer special reducer is different from the traditional reducer, its structure design and process processing are very special, requiring the bearing not only to adapt to the harsh working conditions of heavy load at low speed, partial load, and impact load; but also to maintain smooth, reliable and low noise operation when the flange coupling transmits large swing angle variation. Tidabay concrete mixer special bearings meet these requirements well and are ideal for customization, localization, and cost optimization.

Bearing for The elevator industry

The elevator industry has high requirements for bearing performance, mainly in high speed, smoothness, and silent performance. China is the largest manufacturing country and consumer market in the global elevator industry, and most of the world’s leading elevator companies have factories in China. As the first bearing suppliers in the elevator industry to achieve import substitution, they have been supporting most of the leading companies for more than ten years and occupy the leading share in the industry. The Technical Standard for Vibration of Bearings for Elevator Traction Machines” drafted by Tidabay has become the benchmark for domestic bearing enterprises to enter the elevator industry. Our full range of products is widely used in elevator traction machine mainframes, rope sheaves, door machines, sprockets, escalator drives, and other parts, effectively ensuring the safety, reliability, efficiency, and comfort of elevator operation.