About Us


Our success story began over 18 years ago – in a garage. From the very start, the founders of our company, Peter Wang and Cherry Sun pursued a clear goal: the consistent expansion of the range of products and services, with a strong focus on the customer and their needs. They simply never allowed themselves to be satisfied with the status quo; they wanted more. “Thinking bigger” has been the key maxim from the very start. Staying interested and refusing to accept the most obvious answers. Always finding even better solutions until the seemingly impossible turns possible. Everything from one single source, for every requirement, all the time.

Quality creates brand and Service creates value!

Based on our pursuit of product quality and meticulous work, we have been working with Timken’s sub-brand TWB for 18 years in the China market. In the international market, we have customers in the USA, Chile, Brazil, Germany, France, India, and other countries. Because our customers share a common philosophy with us: to provide the best solutions for our customers and to realize the value of our services.

For us, these aren’t empty phrases, but our daily working life. And you benefit from them, regardless of how demanding your requirements are.