2023 Heilongjiang bearing industrial enterprises 10 awarding ceremony was successfully held in the Harbin Group

Bearing industry top 10 enterprises is the outstanding representative of the bearing industry in our province, in leading the high quality development of the bearing industry in our province has played a positive role in promoting and making important contributions, I hope that the bearing enterprises to the top 10 enterprises as a benchmark, and continue to strengthen technological research and development and product upgrading, through the competition for the first to promote the position, and to further promote the development of the bearing industry.

HEC’s “Double Happiness” opens the door to four 1,000 megawatts!

Harbin Electric will give full play to its technological advantages, carry out fine control of the whole process and efficiently promote the project execution, help build a high-quality benchmark project for Shaanxi Coal, and contribute to Harbin Electric's strength in promoting the realisation of the country's dual-carbon goal.