Twenty years of craftsmanship, working together to create the future

We will take our 20th anniversary as a new starting point and set out again on a course that is responsive to market needs.

Warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of Shanghai NTN

On 10th March, employees gathered together to witness the 20th anniversary ceremony of Shanghai NTN Precision Mechatronics Co.
The ceremony was held in Chinese red and started with the sound of gongs and drums. Chairman Ikuo Watanabe (Chief Controller of China) attended the ceremony on behalf of NTN (China) Investment Company Limited, and NTN Shanghai was represented by Chairman Ojaku with over 90 managers and veteran employees. A traditional lion dance for the eye-dotting and a high pole caving performance helped to cheer up the celebration.

Delivering a speech

Speaking at the ceremony, Seiji Ojaku, Chairman of NTN Shanghai, said, “NTN Shanghai will continue to explore ‘quality products’ so that we can contribute to society. We will maintain our ‘craftsmanship’ and educate the technicians who come after us with our superior technology in order to achieve even greater heights. Let’s unite and work together!”

▲ Message from Chairman Ojaku

Chairman Wataru System also gave a speech: “NTN Shanghai will expand its business in the future while increasing the production of existing products.
After the establishment of the China Technical Centre in May 2011, we have continued to develop our business in China by combining production, sales and technology. We ask for your continued support for our work in the future as well.”

▲ President Wataru System’s speech

Mr. Ben Nishiguchi of Okaya Steel & Machinery Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony as a guest of honour and expressed his congratulations on the achievements of these 20 years as well as his best wishes for the future.

Tree planting ceremony

To commemorate this historic occasion, the Chairman of NTN China, Mr. Watanabe, the Chairman of NTN Shanghai and Mr. Nishiguchi from Okaya Steel & Machinery Co.
As the city flower of Shanghai, the Magnolia is a symbol of vigour, courage, initiative and cleanliness. The planting of the Magnolia in commemoration of the company’s 20th anniversary is a symbol of NTN Shanghai’s determination to rise to the occasion and to remain clean and honest throughout.

▲ Planting the Shanghai city flower, Magnolia officinalis, as a memorial

Visit to the Central Park Management Centre

In addition, the Chairman of NTN Shanghai, Mr. Seiji Ojaku, and his management team visited the Central Park Management Centre of Songjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone to share the birthday cake of the company and present a trophy with “Gold Partner” to the Central Park Management Centre to express their sincere gratitude for the warm services and attentive assistance provided by the Central Park Management Centre in the past few years for the resumption of production, epidemic He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Central Park Management Centre for the enthusiastic services and attentive assistance it has provided to enterprises in the past few years, such as resumption of production, epidemic prevention and control, and policy interpretation. Mr Sun Wei, Director of the Central Park Management Centre, thanked NTN Shanghai for the trophy and took a group photo with them.

▲ Photo credit: Shanghai Songjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone WeChat Public Number

Shanghai NTN Precision Electromechanical Co.

Established in August 2002, Shanghai NTN mainly produces wheel bearings, constant velocity universal joints, needle roller bearings and ball bearings, and is committed to providing a stable supply to its customers. With an emphasis on quality and cost effectiveness, the company continues to promote local sourcing and has achieved local production that can flexibly respond to market and economic changes. As a corporate citizen of Shanghai’s Songjiang District, NTN Shanghai is rooted in the local community and actively carries out various activities, contributing to the construction of a harmonious society. We will take our 20th anniversary as a new starting point and set out again on a course that is responsive to market needs.

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