Lingbi bearing: “into” the development of the Guzhong highland

In recent years, Lingbi County to seize the Yangtze River Delta regional integration and development, northern Anhui to undertake industrial transfer agglomeration area construction, the county's new urbanisation to make up for the shortcomings and strengthen the weakness of the demonstration of the construction of major national strategies, anchored in bearing characteristics of the industry as the leader of the main direction of the development of intelligent equipment manufacturing industrial clusters, and strive to build a high-quality bearings in the country has an important influence on the production base.

“Recent feedback from the industry shows that the domestic and even European and American bearing manufacturing industry have cast their eyes on a county in northern Anhui – Lingbi ……” A few days ago, Anhui Yuancheng bearing Ltd. technical director Qin Mian proudly told reporters.

June 3, the provincial party committee deputy secretary, governor Wang Qingxian instructions, Lingbi County actively build high-end bearing industry science and technology innovation “new high ground” approach fully affirmed.

Bearing enterprises in Lingbi County from “one branch” to “blossom”, bearing industry from “nothing” to “sound and colour! “, bearing brand from the radiation of the province to call the whole country, the core technology from “0” to “1” to achieve breakthroughs …… Lingbi, the county located in the Huanghuaihai Plain Yellow Huaihai Plain county, it seems that overnight, in the “small bearings” on the “big article”.

In recent years, Lingbi County to seize the Yangtze River Delta regional integration and development, northern Anhui to undertake industrial transfer agglomeration area construction, the county’s new urbanisation to make up for the shortcomings of the weak demonstration construction and other major national strategic opportunities, anchored in the bearing characteristics of the industry as the leading intelligent equipment manufacturing industry cluster development of the main direction, and make every effort to create a high-quality bearings in the country has an important influence on the production base.

With the continuous enhancement of the influence and core competitiveness of the industry at home and abroad, “bearing” has not only become a loud business card of Lingbi County, but also a “breakthrough” and “focus” for the county to integrate into the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. “Bearing

In the Lingbi bearing industrial park in Anhui Yuancheng Bearing Co., Ltd, workers are checking the running status of the assembly line.

\ \ Normal day to when to take, Lingbi obedience to the trend to undertake the time of day

“With the Yangtze River Delta integrated development, Huaihe River ecological economic zone and other national strategies to accelerate the release of the superposition effect of the national support for northern Anhui to undertake the construction of industrial transfer agglomeration area continues to increase, in order to integrate into the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, in the fierce regional competition to win the initiative, we must adhere to the stronger and better to do the real economy as the main direction of attack. “

LINGBI county party committee, the county government after investigation and research, fully demonstrated, will vigorously develop the bearing industry as the first engine to promote new industrialisation, and make every effort to build a new era of 10 billion high-quality bearing industry agglomeration base. Lingbi County, deputy secretary of the county party committee, county Xue Yong told reporters that, as a traditional agricultural county, Lingbi County, a weak industrial base, small economic volume, per capita level is not high, in order to cultivate new growth points in the county’s economy, known as the “industrial food” known as the bearings, into the county party committee, the county government’s line of sight.

Bearings, known as “mechanical joints”, almost all of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Industry experts also believe that the bearing industry market space is broad, industry driven ability and risk resistance, easy to form a complete industrial chain, the future of the bearing industry, high-quality innovative development will usher in a huge space for development.

At the same time, in the traditional bearing industry agglomeration in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, a large number of bearing enterprises are in the capacity to upgrade and adjust the window period, the urgent need for industrial transfer.

Where to transfer the industry? Who can undertake? How to undertake? The industry is in the industrial transfer, undertake, upgrade the key window period.

Fitting the new requirements of the county’s economic development, the party and government leaders of Lingbi County, a strong change of track, entrenched in Shunshi, leading the county thus embarked on a new journey of high quality development of high-end bearing manufacturing industry agglomeration.

“The development of bearing industry in Lingbi County has inherent advantages.” Lingbi bearing R & D Centre resident experts, Lingbi Bearing Association, vice president of Song Xiaobo, Lingbi bearing is located in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou, East Zhejiang, Henan Luoyang, Ruxi Jidong, the four major bearing bases in the middle position, in the deployment of materials, industrial support, sales layout, etc., there are obvious location advantages.

At the same time, Lingbi County has a population of 1.3 million people, about 400,000 people working outside, of which 30,000 to 50,000 people are engaged in machining and bearing industry, a large number of people and a large number of mature industrial workers for the development of the county’s bearing industry to provide the necessary talent support and potential protection.

“In particular, Lingbi County is actively building a high point of scientific and technological innovation in the bearing manufacturing industry, stimulating industrial momentum with scientific and technological innovation, with unlimited potential for future development.” Song Xiaobo said.

Anhui Yuancheng Bearing Co., Ltd. technicians on the product sampling sampling inspection

\\ Along the chain aggregation, Lingbi entrenched in the search for breakthroughs

On the afternoon of 26 July, in the Lingbi County Bearing Industrial Park of Anhui Yuancheng Bearing Co., Ltd. production workshop, an automated production line is running in an orderly manner like a stream. With the completion of a process, a set of high-precision bearings with fine workmanship are continuously transported to the product packaging area.

“Our company mainly produces all kinds of high-end precision micro-small bearings, in December 2021 stationed in Lingbi County Bearing Industrial Park, the following year in May began trial production. Thanks to the county party committee, the county government and the relevant departments of the strong support, we side production and construction, has invested 200 million yuan, built and put into production more than 50 standardised production lines, to be completed and put into production after all the projects, can achieve an annual output value of more than 300 million yuan.” For future development, Anhui Yuancheng Bearing Co., Ltd. technical director Qin Mian full of confidence.

Ltd. is a specialised in the supply of automotive parts manufacturers bearing enterprise, 2022 November stationed in the park, has been completed and put into production a 8 production lines; the second phase of the 8 production lines, has completed the installation of equipment, will soon be able to be completed and put into production.

“Recently, we have been catching up with orders and have been working overtime for several weeks.” Yang Zuming, executive vice president of Shanling Intelligent Equipment, told reporters that due to the high precision of their bearings, the market reflects the good, so the products do not worry about sales, the enterprise orders a steady stream.

Project landing fast, construction and production fast, good business conditions, development momentum is the common characteristics of the bearing enterprises in the Lingbi Bearing Industrial Park. And behind the smooth development of enterprises is the continuous improvement and soundness of the industrial chain in the park.

\\ Thoughtful treatment of shaft enterprises, the environment is competitiveness

“It took our company only 5 months from the beginning of construction to machine commissioning. Such high efficiency is due to the park’s strong support.”

Yang Zuming, executive vice president of Shanling Intelligent Equipment, said to the reporter with deep feeling that during the construction period of the enterprise, whenever it encounters difficulties, the park is always the first time to help solve them; after the enterprise is put into production, the park provides free product testing, which saves a large portion of the cost for the enterprise. “Enterprises choose to settle in Lingbi, is the right choice.”

Research Bearing Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. is a company specialising in the manufacture of precision angular contact bearings, in October 2020 from Hangzhou investment relocation to Lingbi County Bearing Industrial Park. Last summer, the impact of the epidemic logistics is not good, the company is difficult to normal delivery. After understanding the situation, the park responded at the first time and quickly solved the company’s raw materials and product transport problems. “In terms of production safety and environmental protection, the government departments come forward to guide, but also regularly organise job fairs to help us recruit workers, and really do what enterprises think, anxious enterprises anxious.” Zhang Haibo, head of the company, said.

A good business environment is both competitive and productive.

Lingbi County adheres to the principle of “elements follow the project, energy follow the project turn, resources around the project with the work around the project”, strengthen the employment, land, energy and other factors to protect, promote the optimal elements of the fastest speed to the best project agglomeration, to maximize the development of the bearing industry to provide convenience, escort.

At the same time, Lingbi County, the full implementation of cost reduction and fee reduction, rent reduction and profit-making policies, the establishment of a “shopkeeper” type service system, from the settlement to production, and resolutely respond to requests, difficulties must be solved, so that enterprises to invest in the sense of peace of mind of the “home”.

Issued “Lingbi County to implement the implementation of policies to support scientific and technological innovation,” and other documents, investment in fixed assets, plant leasing, financial guarantees and other aspects of the preferential policies given to enterprises, comprehensively enhance the confidence of the development of enterprises. Since 2022, it has issued all kinds of award funds of 30 million yuan.

In order to strengthen the bearing industry talent protection, Lingbi County, the implementation of “vocational education + industry” mode, and actively explore the “workshop school” mode of education and teaching.

Lingbi Advanced Vocational and Technical School opened the first batch of five bearing classes, tailor-made bearing production professionals. Lingbi technician branch to establish Lingbi County quality brand upgrading project education and practice base, the opening of bearing technicians advanced training courses and other courses.

In June this year, Lingbi Bearing Association was established to build a comprehensive platform for undertaking government resources, introducing social capital and prying enterprise funds, and constructing a “government, enterprise and association” regular linkage service mechanism.In July, Lingbi Bearing Group Co., Ltd. was established to push forward the integration of resources, sharing of channels, and group development of the bearing enterprises in the bearing industrial park. development.

Earlier this year, the world’s first ultra-large tonnage disc and shaft parts mill forming equipment 4500 ton rotary mill off the line, breaking the aviation engines, gas engines, energy and chemical industry, large size disc parts can not be a whole forming industry bottlenecks.

Lingbi County adhere to scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation linkage, and actively create “government, industry, academia and research” in-depth integration of innovation platforms, and continue to improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy.

Actively docking Hefei University of Technology, China University of Mining and Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute and other scientific research institutions, the establishment of public R & D and testing platform, enterprise technology innovation platform and scientific and technological achievements transformation platform. With Suzhou College to build machinery and equipment manufacturing (bearings) Industrial College, the establishment of “Suzhou College – Lingbi Bearing Industrial Park doctoral workstation”, for high-quality bearing research and development to provide a strong “external brain”.

Promote the transformation of achievements, improve core competitiveness, invested 20 million yuan to set up the Spirit Axis Science and Innovation Center, and actively create a provincial bearing R & D centre, inspection and testing centre.

Science and technology innovation, leading the development. Spirit axis rotation, connecting the future.

Lingbi County to further amplify the bearing industry development “grape string effect”, around the bearing, new energy, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing and other development directions, focusing on the “wind and light storage, charging and switching” six new energy automobile energy supply equipment manufacturing industry, formed a number of Large scale, high market share, independent research and development capabilities, advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, good economic benefits of large enterprises.

“We will focus on the target task of building a ’10 billion high-quality bearing industry cluster base in the new era’, enhance the driving force of innovation, promote the high-end industry, further enhance the influence and core competitiveness of Lingbi bearings in the country, promote the bearing industry to become bigger and stronger, and accelerate the creation of high-end bearing industry clusters that have an important influence in the country. influence of high-end bearing industry cluster.”

Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary of Lingbi County, Shi Zhiyuan said, based on the new era, standing in a new starting point, Lingbi County will seize the new energy automobile “wind” industry development opportunities, do everything possible to make the automotive bearing parts and components industry, deeply embedded in the automotive industry chain, to achieve the bearing industry, “bending the road to overtake the car “for the province’s new energy automobile industry cluster construction to contribute to the power of Lingbi.

Midsummer night, Lingbi Zhong Kui Cultural Park lights flashing, crowds of people, to “night tour Zhong Kui Park Fantasy Light Show” as the theme of the first water curtain light and shadow festival is underway. People stroll in the garden, tasting food, enjoying the beautiful scenery, enjoy the fun. The air a group of colourful neon beams, but also projected to the north not far from the bearing industrial park ……

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