Dagong “Challenge Cup” bearing team to complete the composite aero-engine thrust bearing application demonstration

At present, the composite thrust bearing has completed the application demonstration in CNAD Guizhou Honglin Power Control Technology Co.

Dalian University of Technology Challenge Cup “wear-resistant self-lubricating composite material development and its application in the aero-engine thrust bearings” project team for shipboard aircraft offshore combat environment, research and development of a new type of wear-resistant self-lubricating resin matrix composite materials, and to achieve its high-speed aero-engine thrust bearings in order to solve the problem of the current aero-engine fuel pump thrust bearing weight of copper alloy materials. Thrust bearing copper alloy material weight, short life, the need for frequent replacement of the neck problem, to meet the needs of shipborne aircraft wartime frequent takeoffs and landings, extreme fighting.

At present, the composite thrust bearing has completed the application demonstration in CNAD Guizhou Honglin Power Control Technology Co.

The work is based on the perfect combination of the designability of the structural properties of the resin matrix and the functionality of the inorganic components through the two-phase interface modulation based on the function-oriented and constitutive synergy to develop a new type of heterocyclic polyarylene ether wear-resistant and self-lubricating resin matrix composites. Compared with the international leading wear-resistant self-lubricating composites (PEEK450FC30), the composites have higher temperature resistance, better friction performance and better mechanical properties;
Bearing performance and the current domestic mainstream bearing materials compared to copper alloy, processing performance is better, do not need to be coated with lubricants on the surface of the bearing, the quality is reduced to copper alloy 1 / 6, can meet the substantial weight reduction and its own reliability at the same time. From “advanced materials” to “high-end products”, the whole research realises the comprehensive coverage of “material to be material, material to be tool, and tool to be useful”.
Bearing in China Aerospace Development Guizhou Honglin Company completed 12,000 rpm, 6,000 hours of continuous operation of the strengthened assessment, the ultimate load> 11MPa, higher than the existing lead bronze bearings more than 20%.

The key performance indexes have been appraised by Liaoning Quality Inspection and Supervision Centre for Plastic Products, Beijing Institute of Science and Technology, Guizhou Institute of Aerospace Metrology and Testing Technology, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, etc., and a total of 8 CMA and CNAS international certification reports have been passed; the team members have published 10 SCI papers, among which, as the first author of the TOP journals in the field of composites Composites Part A (IF=8.7) published two papers; applied for six national invention patents, one authorised.

The application demonstration of new wear-resistant and self-lubricating resin matrix composites on the thrust bearing of fuel pump of aero-engine is conducive to the promotion and application of related materials, thus guiding and accelerating the R&D process of related new material preparation. The solution of key technologies such as resin matrix structure design and controllable preparation technology and composite material stable preparation process engineering technology will greatly shorten the research and development cycle of various types of wear-resistant and self-lubricating composite materials adapted to different working conditions, which will be conducive to the realisation of the engineering technology of the new high-end materials represented by heterocyclic polyarylene ether wear-resistant and self-lubricating resin matrix composites, and at the same time, break the monopoly of foreign countries, and strive for more domestic aeronautical materials. At the same time, it breaks the foreign monopoly and strives for more discourse right for domestic aviation materials, which is of great significance to improve the level of development of national strategic industries and support the high quality development of economy.

Relying on the Department of Polymer, School of Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, with the help of instructors Li Nan, Jian Xigao and Ding Yunzhe, team leader Bao Qingguang has led team members Li Wenzhi, Hao Haoyue, Feng Jingyao, Yunxing, Yang Fanghua, and Tian Hanzhi to make a breakthrough in the key technology of composite material preparation from the perspective of practical application, and the demonstration of the bearing products has already been completed. In the future will continue to promote, dedicated to solving China’s high-speed, heavy-duty, oil-free extreme environment lubrication and wear reduction problems, for the country to contribute to the strong.

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