New R&D 丨Ultra-compact fluid dynamic bearing “Dynamic BEARPHITE”.

Ultra-compact size of 0.6 mm internal diameter contributes to high speed and high quietness of small mobile devices

NTN Corporation (NTN) has newly developed “Dynamic BEARPHITE,” an ultra-compact fluid dynamic bearing with an inner diameter of only 0.6 mm.
Against the backdrop of the expanding communications market brought about by the current spread of 5G technology, this innovative product is expected to significantly improve the quiet performance of mini fan motors in small mobile devices such as high-performance mobile phones and wearable devices, and at the same time extend their service life.

“Dynamic BEARPHITE is an innovative product developed by NTN through its unique precision machining technology. It creates an oil film around the bearing gap by placing a fishbone-shaped dynamic pressure groove on the inner diameter surface of the sintered oil bearing. This not only ensures a lightweight and compact product, but also achieves high quietness and excellent high-speed rotational performance.
In recent years, with the development of electrification of automobiles, more and more manufacturers are focusing on and adopting fan motors with higher quiet performance. Among these fan motors, the high quietness and high-speed rotation performance of the Dynamic Pressure BEARPHITE will undoubtedly provide a superior solution for automobile manufacturers.
NTN’s newly developed 0.6 mm ID “Dynamic Pressure BEARPHITE” achieves high quietness and reliability by optimising the design of the herringbone-shaped dynamic pressure groove, which generates a strong oil film pressure even in a small size. Although it is difficult to produce a dynamic pressure groove with an inner diameter of less than 1 mm by conventional cutting methods, NTN has succeeded in developing this ultra-compact “Dynamic Pressure BEARPHITE” with an inner diameter of only 0.6 mm by re-examining the conditions for press moulding, which is more than half the size of NTN’s previous product (with an inner diameter of 1.5 mm). This is more than half the size of NTN’s previous product (1.5 mm inner diameter).
As the air speed of a mini-fan motor increases, it usually generates a harsh noise. However, this “dynamic pressure BEARPHITE” bearing effectively reduces this noise.
In response to the growing demand for mini fan motors in the market for electronic products such as high-performance mobile phones, wireless routers, wearable devices and small mobile devices, NTN has carefully developed “Dynamic Pressure BEARPHITE”, an ultra-compact fluid dynamic pressure bearing. In the future, NTN will promote this product in a variety of fields, including automotive devices, general home appliances, and medical equipment.

Left: R&D product (inner diameter 0.6mm)
Right: NTN previous product (inner diameter 1.5 mm)

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