Good News! SKF’s Dalian Plant Honoured as China’s National ‘Green Factory’ for 2023

Recently, SKF (Dalian) Bearing & Precision Technology Products Co., Ltd. was honoured with the national "Green Factory" title by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)!
SKF has been recognised on the road to net-zero decarbonisation!

Recently, SKF (Dalian) Bearing & Precision Technology Products Co., Ltd. was honoured with the national “Green Factory” title by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)!

In November 2023, SKF won this award with an outstanding score of 97.50 points! Up to now, the success rate of national green factories is only 0.08%, which is even more rare in the bearing industry.

The “Green Factory” is initiated and recognised by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and is currently the most credible and important award representing the green development and transformation of industrial enterprises in China.

The Dalian factory achieves a win-win situation for both production and environmental protection by realising “plant intensification, harmless raw materials, clean production, resourceful waste and low-carbon energy”.

Climate change is undoubtedly the main environmental challenge facing mankind today. As an industry leader, SKF is well aware of the heavy responsibility on its shoulders, and with “smart” and “clean” as its own development direction, it strives to help China’s manufacturing industry realise green transformation.

As early as 2020, SKF is committed to “decarbonisation and net-zero”:
By 2030, achieve net-zero emissions at the manufacturing end.
By 2050, the entire value chain, from raw materials to finished products delivered to customers, will have zero emissions.

Zero emissions along the entire value chain

Against the background of SKF Group strategy and China’s dual-carbon target, SKF China has been promoting zero-carbon manufacturing in its various production bases across the country, with the creation of green factories becoming one of the important projects to help zero-carbon manufacturing.

In recent years, SKF China has been fulfilling its commitment to “fully realise decarbonisation of the manufacturing end of the business by 2030”, and moving towards the goal of net-zero decarbonisation, through continuous efforts over the years, for example:
By the end of 2023, the total installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic power generation in each manufacturing unit in China will exceed 27MWp, with a power generation capacity of up to 27GWh, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 16,000 tonnes.
In addition to photovoltaic, each plant actively participates in market-based transactions in accordance with local renewable energy trading policies, and the use of renewable energy accounted for 45%.
We are actively deploying energy and carbon systems, and improving the energy efficiency of production and operation through process optimisation, equipment efficiency and other comprehensive means.

In recent years, SKF has continuously increased investment in plant operations, actively introduced energy-saving initiatives, strengthened digital production, and promoted the process of carbon reduction and zero carbon. For example, SKF’s Dalian plant has passed ISO50001 certification for many years and is a 5-star green supplier for wind power. 2022, SKF China’s first intelligent energy and carbon management system will be built in the Dalian plant, giving full play to the huge synergistic effect of energy saving and carbon reduction.

Liu Yilong, Vice President of Operations of SKF China, said: SKF is taking a more open and pragmatic approach to collaborate with partners in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to build a zero-carbon ecosystem covering the entire life cycle of bearing products. Strive to converge with knowledge, technology and data, and work with more Chinese customers and partners to establish a “green” world of operation.

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