SKF joins hands with two national brands to promote industrial upgrading and sustainable development.

Reconstructing Ecology, Intelligent Follows, Creating Paper Machine Intelligent Manufacturing Future Together

Recently, SKF has made significant progress in the domestic market, reaching in-depth co-operation agreements with two leading national enterprises – Dalian Deep Blue Pump Industry and Sichuan Chengfa Paper Machinery Co. to jointly promote industrial upgrading and sustainable development.

Reconstructing Ecology, Intelligent Follows, Creating Paper Machine Intelligent Manufacturing Future Together

On 28 March, SKF and Sichuan Chengfa Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for a comprehensive business cooperation agreement in Leshan. Teng Zhengji, Vice President of SKF China, and Xiao Jing, Vice President of Sichuan Guozhong Investment Company Limited, attended the ceremony and signed the co-operation agreement.

Sichuan Chengfa Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, belongs to China’s top-ranking large-scale paper equipment manufacturing enterprises. 2017 Sichuan Guozhong Investment Co., Ltd. acquired, invested in a new domestic advanced paper machine intelligent manufacturing base. After years of development, the company has the ability to design and manufacture large paper machines with a width of 10 metres, with an annual production capacity of 6-8 sets of large paper machines with a width of 6,600mm and above, and the paper machines have been exported to a number of countries such as India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Previously, Chengfa paper machine in the use of SKF bearings, seals, lubrication, condition monitoring, remanufacturing and other application solutions in the process, relying on SKF’s long-term accumulation of knowledge and experience in the field of rotating equipment, for the paper industry’s continuous evolution of the production process and the continuous improvement of the performance of the equipment brought about by the requirements of the machine, to help the paper machine Chengfa to achieve the design optimisation of the key parts of the upgrading and reconstruction, so as to enhance the overall performance of the rotating equipment of the paper machine. The overall performance of paper machine rotating equipment has been improved to protect the production of the end customers.   

The signing of this contract represents the decision of the two parties to give full play to the advantageous capabilities in their respective fields, to strengthen the cooperation in cost reduction and efficiency improvement of key papermaking equipments, to enhance their respective market competitiveness, and to endeavour to become a model of cooperation in China’s papermaking industry.

Collaborative innovation, strategic integration, and seek sustainable development of the pump industry

Dalian cherry blossoms bloomed in April, SKF large heavy industry director Jia Qing led a team to participate in the first supplier conference of Dalian deep blue pump industry, and won the best quality award. At the meeting, Dalian deep blue pump industry vice chairman Zhang Qian said, in the future in the bearing, digitalisation and other aspects of the deep blue pump industry and SKF will carry out more in-depth cooperation.

Dalian Deep Blue Pump Industry Co., Ltd. started in 1997, mainly focusing on petrochemical sector, and deep ploughing in cryogenic pumps, coal chemical industry, general industry and other industries. Its products have first-class technical indexes, and it is not only the first-class pump equipment manufacturer in domestic oil refining industry, but also the main supplier of “three barrels of oil”. Over the past twenty years, SHENLAN has been deeply cultivated in the global market, and finally ushered in the international transformation and upgrading of the sustainable development stage.

SKF has been involved in the application of standard pumps, engineering pumps and some low-temperature pumps since the establishment of Deep Blue Pumps, and the two sides have established a long-term and stable partnership. SKF believes that with the deep blue pump industry international market continues to develop and expand, SKF and deep blue pump industry cooperation will be more in-depth.    

The conference, the deep blue pump industry to the excellent suppliers issued a strategic synergistic development initiatives, including investment and innovation, joint development, complementary advantages, resource sharing, etc., SKF to be fully supported.

At present, SKF is actively involved in the latest R & D projects of Deep Blue Pumps, both sides on the vision of energy liquid ammonia cryogenic pump project and the design of deep cooling pumps and active exchanges, the whole process of synergistic, and continue to strengthen the foundation of co-operation, so that the installation of mass production to come more quickly.

A long way to the future, win-win co-operation and courage to move forward. As a century-old enterprise in the bearing field, SKF has always been committed to promoting the intelligent and sustainable development of Chinese industry. Through the cooperation with Dalian Shenlan Pump Industry and Sichuan Chengfa Paper Making Machinery Co., Ltd, SKF will further give full play to its professional advantages in the fields of bearings, seals, lubrication, condition monitoring, etc., to promote the partners to achieve technological innovation and performance enhancement, and to jointly write a brilliant chapter of China’s manufacturing industry.

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