Linxi: full range of services to build new advantages in the development of bearing industry

A few days ago, in Linxi County Bearing Industrial Park standardised plant, industrial park project manager Ding Wenhua introduced to the reporter.

“Right now, 1-5 plant Jianlong Ha axis, Hebei Xinge, the United States Timken, Hebei Qihang and other four bearing industry project production line is tightly installed in the commissioning, the remaining 6-8 plant is also stepping up construction.”

A few days ago, in Linxi County Bearing Industrial Park standardised plant, industrial park project manager Ding Wenhua introduced to the reporter.

“The enterprises stationed in the park are all leading enterprises in the bearing industry.” Ding Wenhua said that the recruitment of these industry leaders, to further optimise the whole chain of bearing industry industrial ecology, enhance the bearing industry development capacity, and grow the development of national industrial clusters have a crucial role.

How to attract domestic and foreign leading enterprises in the industrial park?

Linxi in the project attraction and service mode up and down the effort. Do a good job of the project to talk fast sign, seize the golden time to negotiate investment promotion.

For key projects in the talk about a clear person in charge, the development of timetables and problem charts, and constantly improve the speed and effect of project negotiation.

In order to promote the signing and landing of Jianlong Ha axis project, the park set up a task force, has 3 times to Heilongjiang Harbin Bearing Group, and company executives for face-to-face discussions, the customer put forward 19 aspects of the business licence, filing, taxation, planning, land licences, etc., the first time to feedback, the first time to solve the problem to meet the requirements of the businessman, and actively remove all obstacles for the project to land.

To provide enterprises with full-process, all-round, full-field help services, and promote the bearing industry projects quickly landing construction, production and efficiency. In October last year, the park from the county administrative examination and approval bureau of a one-time transfer of 35 examination and approval functions, to achieve the “park things park do”.

In addition, Linxi take the lead in extending the olive branch, and Linqing City, Shandong Province, Luoyang City, Henan Province, Liaoning Province, Wafangdian City, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, signed an agreement, and these famous bearing industry clusters together, bearing production, marketing, research and related industries of various types of business start-up, permission to operate, the project project, change, exit, and other matters of the whole life cycle of the enterprise to provide “cross-provincial common office “The company has been working on this project for a long time.

At present, the U.S. Timken high-end bearings and accessories production, foreign high-end bearing repair and maintenance projects, Spain Forsythe Mi bearing production projects, high-end automotive, motor bearing R & D and production projects have taken the lead in the Jianlong Ha axis, the second phase of the project is in the preliminary planning and design, is expected to complete the bidding in June and enter the field of construction.

Li Xiaoguang, director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the park, said that enterprises have the need, as long as the park to help the commissioner greetings, the park will immediately use policy, finance, education and training and other resources to help until the problem is solved.

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