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The KBC® brand  is now part of FAG Bearings Korea Corp which is a member of the INA-Schaeffler Group. KBC Bearings company history goes back to its founding in 1953 and has enjoyed a rich history in providing the highest quality Korean produced bearings ever since.  KBC bearings are used as core components of automobiles, electrics & electronics, semiconductor equipment, aircraft, and special machines.



The KBC® brand  is now part of FAG Bearings Korea Corp which is a member of the INA-Schaeffler Group. KBC Bearings company history goes back to its founding in 1953 and has enjoyed a rich history in providing the highest quality Korean produced bearings ever since.  KBC bearings are used as core components of automobiles, electrics & electronics, semiconductor equipment, aircraft, and special machines.

KBC Bearing Products Available Wholesale

Deep groove ball bearings are available as open design, and sealed design with either non-contact or contact seal. Availability of various KBC designs makes it possible for the customers to choose right kind of bearing suitable for their specific operating and environmental conditions.

KBC Single-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Single row angular contact ball bearings can be divided into a few types depending on the shapes of inner/outer ring tracks and cage guide methods, namely general type, SM type, and sealed BS type. SA type bearings of special dimensions also can be custom-made on request. A standard contact angle is 30° (Code A, but its marking is omitted), but the contact angles of 40° (Code B) and 15° (Code C), etc. are also available.

KBC Double-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

KBC supplies the double row angular contact ball bearings of special dimensions on request to meet the special demands of customers. Basic designs can be structurally divided into a few groups as follows. SDA9 Series bearings have special dimensions, and each of their outer and inner rings are unitized. Most of them are produced in sealed type, and some come with snap rings. They have the contact angles of either 20°or 25°. SDA0 Series bearings are also the special dimension bearings with unitized outer rings, but their inner rings are split. There are two types, flanged or snap ring types. and contact angles of 20°, 30°, or 35° are available.

KBC Single-Row Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings can transmit radial and axial forces, and since they are split type bearings, their inner and outer rings can be mounted separately. And tapered roller bearings in metric dimensions can be divided into three groups depending on contact angles; Normal contact angles (Smaller than contact angle of 17°, no codes), medium contact angles (About 20°, Code C), and large contact angles (About 28°, code D).

KBC Double-Row Tapered Roller Bearings

A double row tapered roller bearing is assembled with two inner ring parts of single row tapered roller bearing in back-to-back arrangement on the unitized outer ring. Since the inner clearance is set for the bearing itself by design, its operation as well as its mounting can be carried out uniformly without much adjustment, and this is why it is used for automotive hubs and others to maintain optimum performance considering their sizes and functions. These bearings can be divided into two groups, one with seals and the other without seals.

KBC Needle Roller Bearings

KBC needle roller bearings of cage and roller type are either single row or double row, and the rollers are manufactured in accordance with ISO 6193. Also, for the bearings impossible to assemble because of the abutment shapes, the bearings with cage (Suffix SP) attached with connecting parts are available.

KBC Unit Bearings

KBC Unit bearings are used almost exclusively as locating bearings. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for supporting short shafts and for applications where only minor thermal expansions are likely to occur. Minor expansions of the shaft are compensated for by the axial clearance of the bearings. KBC Unit bearings of UC and UB Series can be fitted into different housings. They are fastened on the shaft by means of two threaded pins(See tightening torque and wrench openings indicated in the Table below.). The flinger rings protect UC Series bearings from coarse contaminants.

KBC Thrust Bearings

Separable thrust ball bearing consists of fixed ring, revolving ring, rolling element, and cage. These bearings can transmit only axial loads, and they are mainly used for low and medium speeds. King-pin thrust ball bearings are non-separable bearings, and they are manufactured to have no cages so as to accommodate as many balls as possible, and their steel design holds the fixed ring and revolving ring together permanently, and some of them are attached, depending on operating conditions, with sealing device, such as rubber seal or O-ring.

KBC Water Pump Bearings

KBC water pump bearings are non-separable sealed bearings, and they can be divided into two types depending on the kinds their rolling elements, ball-ball type and ball-roller type. Because the load capacity of ball-roller type water pump bearings is a lot higher than that of ball-ball type, they are suitable to be used when they have to support fan couplings, or when they have to transmit high belt loads, or off-set loads. KBC water pump bearings have the designs with following features, so as to provide the excellent durability:

  • Surface hardened shaft for better resistance against bending fatigue.
  • Long roller with high load support capacity.
  • Plastic cage with excellent lubrication and abrasive-resistance.
  • High-quality grease exclusively for water pump bearings with long service life and high water resistance.
  • Seal with tighter sealing quality and protection against grease leakage.

KBC Single Direction Solid Clutch Bearings

There are two types of KBC one way clutch bearings, one with both unitized inner and outer rings, and the other with outer ring whose ball and clutch sections can be separated. In case of separable outer ring type, the outer diameter of deep groove ball bearing is set smaller than that of clutch in consideration of tight-fit conditions with housing, and its inner clearance is also set to be large accordingly. A roller in the clutch always sticks closely with inner ring track surface and cam-shaped outer ring track surface by means of the spring on the pocket wall. This restricts inner ring to revolve in one direction, but allows sliding revolution with roller in the other direction. These KBC bearings are supplied in sealed type, and both contact type seals and noncontact type seals are available. Also, for easy identification of the revolving direction, the different colors are painted on both ball and clutch sections in addition to outer ring groove at the manufacturer’s plant.

KBC Ceramic Bearings

KBC ceramic bearings can be largely divided into 3 types, depending on their uses. In case of bearings for high temperature use and corrosion-proof property, ceramic inner/outer rings and rolling elements are used, but with steel cage (STS304) for high temperature use, and with fluorine resin(PTFE) cage for corrosion proof property. The bearings for high temperature use can be used at operating temperatures of up to 500°C over extended periods. By utilizing its light weight, ceramic is also used to make rolling elements for high speed bearings, which reduce centrifugal forces of revolving bearings drastically. And cages are usually made from glass-fiber reinforced polyamide 66 or from phenol resin base with fabric layers. KBC also supplies insulation bearings made of ceramic on outer ring surface and width surface of bearings. Ceramic materials and cages of these ceramic bearings can be altered to suit their operating conditions, and KBC provides customer services to select the most suitable and economical bearings for their uses.

KBC Vacuum Bearings

KBC vacuum bearings can be largely divided into 3 groups depending on their uses, namely, for clean, for extra high-quality clean, and for high temperatures. The operating environment for vacuum bearings usually involves light loads and low speeds, and their inner/outer rings and rolling elements are usually made of martensite stainless steels, and their cages of austenite stainless steels. Vacuum bearings for average clean can be used in the environment where free particles (About Class 100) do not cause that much of a problem, and those for extra high-quality clean can be used in the environment where even smaller particles cause serious problems, and those for high temperatures can be used under the operating temperature of up to 400°C. Depending on the specific operating environments and conditions, these solid lubricants and coating methods for these vacuum bearings can be revised on request. It is necessary to consult KBC to choose appropriate bearings that will suit the customers’ distinct environment and purposes.


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