Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Double row angular contact ball bearings can be characterized by radial and axial load to bear the load combined to restrict the axis of both axial displacement. And two-way thrust ball bearings, bearing such a high speed limit, for the contact angle 32 °, rigid, affordable overturning moment, is widely used in cars in the front wheel (some models have the same size The double row tapered roller bearings).



Double row angular contact ball bearings of the structure of the four variants:

(1) a-diameter less than or equal to 90mm bearing the standard design. Loaded with ball gap, it can withstand the equivalent of two-way axial load. Using light glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 Cage, bearing a small temperature rise.

(2) a type of bearing 90mm diameter greater than the standard design. There are gaps in the side of the ball loaded with steel or brass punching Cage Cage entities.

(3) e-is to strengthen the structure, loaded with ball side of the gap can be loaded more ball, so a higher carrying capacity.

(4) dust cover both sides with both sides and with a ring-type design and e-designed double row angular contact ball bearings can take on both sides of the dust cover (non-contact) or ring (contact). Sealed bearings are filled with rust-proof internal lithium-based grease general operating temperature at -30 ~ +110 ℃. No longer in use during the lubrication, and should not be pre-installed heating, washing should not be.

Double row angular contact ball bearings installed Caution should be taken when affordable two-way bearing axial loading, but the side of the ball are loaded when the gap should be careful not to let the main axial load through Goubian side of the gap.


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