Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust ball bearings flat gasket material is bearing steel or stainless steel, with two-channel and the channel without.



Retainer covers the stainless steel and copper, plane thrust ball-bearings are detachable, the contact angle of 90, can be installed only under axial load. The thrust bearing low speed limit, the centrifugal force increases ball rolling Jixiang Road, outside, easy-to-abrasion, but not suitable for high-speed operation. One-way thrust bearing affordable one-way axial load bearing two-way affordable two-way axial load, the ball side of the seat thrust-aligning ball bearing with performance, the impact of the elimination of installation errors
One-way thrust ball bearings
Bearing that the contact angle of 90 degrees, only one-way axial load to bear, you can limit the shaft in one direction or the shell of the axial displacement, the installation of the shaft and shell holes are not allowed to tilt axis.
Cover with one-way thrust ball bearings
No one-way thrust bearing retainer, with guards punching, can not be separated-bearing type, can withstand a one-way axial loading, dust-effective. The same size and shape of the holder of one-way thrust ball bearings compared to the kinds of steel ball bearings installed in the number, the higher the axial bearing capacity, lower speed limit.
Two-way thrust ball bearings
The types of bearings can take two directions of axial load, or limit the axis of the shell in the direction of two axial displacement, and does not allow installation of the shell hole axis tilt.


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