Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered Roller Bearing apply to the main radial load to bear the main radial and axial load combined, and the large cone angle tapered roller bearings can be used to bear the axial load-based track, combined axial loading. Bearing such as the separation-bearing, the inner ring (including the tapered roller and cage) and the outer ring can be installed in the installation and use of the process of adjustment may be bearing the axial and radial clearance clearance, can also advance Tight installation.



The main structure
DF single row tapered roller bearings-30000
Bearing this case to limit the shaft in one direction or the axial displacement, under the direction of an axial load. In the radial load will have additional axial force, in general support of the two-axis, the bearing inner and outer ring of the end of the same name relative to install, such as the use of a separate, and its axial force applied must be greater than the additional Axial force. 313 series of tapered roller bearings with large contact angle (27 ° -30 °), can bear a greater axial loading. Other series bearings in the contact angle between 10 ° -18 °.
Single row tapered roller bearings size table gives the ISO355-size tapered roller bearings, code-named series, bearing only the exchange of reference.
Tapered Roller Bearing Axial Clearance of the size of the bearing on the ability to affect a lot of good work. When the axial clearance over an hour, the temperature rise; axial clearance is too large, easily damaged bearings. Therefore, in the installation and operation should pay special attention to the adjustment of the bearing axial clearance.


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