Spherical Roller Bearing

Spherical Roller Bearing is a heavy load to adapt to the requirements of the design of the occasion. They have two symmetrical arrangement of the spherical roller, roller outer circle spherical roller Daoli free transfer, this axis can be deformed and bearing the misalignment error compensation. Spherical Roller Bearing roller in the number, length and diameter are the maximum allowed by the agency. Roller Raceway and have kept in close contact to ensure a uniform distribution of stress, so a high load bearing capacity. In the harsh working conditions, such as by the shock of the occasion, provide a narrow tolerance and increase the size of radial clearance of the self-aligning roller bearings, these bearings by the suffix T41A said.



Spherical Roller Bearing basic types
Most of the 320mm diameter below-aligning roller bearings to enhance the structure of the E-series bearings. Bearing with other difference is that these bearings is not in the inner wall, so their roller longer. This series E-aligning roller bearings rated load than other general-aligning roller bearings large. Spherical Roller Bearing a cone or cylindrical hole-hole, aligning the cone-hole roller bearings through the tight set, or sets of legs to pass the package to install axis.
Spherical Roller Bearing in on the
Under normal working conditions of the rotating inner-aligning roller bearings can swing around the center and in compensation for the error up to 0.5 °. If the load is smaller in the structure under the condition of swing angle of up to 2 °. Inner or outer ring rotation swing, in the ability to automatically have a lower.
Spherical Roller Bearing Bearing Clearance
Basic types of Spherical Roller Bearing Group ordinary clearance. In order to meet the different working environment and installation requirements, but also provide great clearance-aligning roller bearings. C3 suffix that is greater than the general level of clearance suffix C4 group, said radial clearance than C3.
Spherical Roller Bearing lubricants slot, lubricants hole
For the convenience of lubrication, Spherical Roller Bearing (In addition to the 213 series) on the outer circumference of the direction of a trough of lubricating oil and lubricants three holes. 320mm diameter smaller than the increase in this type of bearing that S suffix. Series 222E and 223E series of the same size bearings from the restrictions.
Spherical Roller Bearings cage
Cage suffix without the 222E and 223E Series-aligning roller bearings used stamping steel cage, two aircraft from inside the outer ring of a separate guide. All Cage’s surface are applied to the basic design of the 223E series and that according to the design of the bearings T41A. E series bearing the use of other glass-fiber reinforced polyamide 66 Cage (suffix TVPB) or machined brass cage entity (suffix M). Inner wall of the center with the overall Spherical Roller Bearing with machining brass or entity to keep punching brass cage. The use of steel stamping Cage said no bearing cage suffix. Suffix MB for the cage for the inner guide. Guide the outer ring of brass entity Cage (MA) for T41A in line with the requirements of special-aligning roller bearings (diameter> 320mm). Metal cage bearing the temperature can reach 200 ℃. Glass-fiber reinforced polyamide 66 to allow the aircraft to maintain continuous operating temperature for 120 ℃. If the bearing lubricant is used in lubricating oil additives will be reduced to maintain the life of another aircraft aging oil at a high temperature of the cage will have an adverse effect on life expectancy must pay attention to Huanyouzhouqi.


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