Needle Roller Bearings

Needle roller bearings rolling is an independent component of its cage and guide the two wide spacing, can accurately guide the needle, the needle can maintain the correct position. Of these apply to the shaft bearings and the hole can be used as an occasion Raceway, only the shaft and bearing holes Raceway processing requirements to the size of geometric precision and accuracy, the smallest space to ensure high-accuracy rotation.



The main structure of the needle bearing in the form of:

Needle bearing characteristics of the structure of the code
K / KS separate / single Split
KK / KKS double / double row Split
KZK link with crank pin
KBK link with piston pin
KNL long cylindrical roller and maintain components

DF needle to the heart and Cage have a separate component K-out double and K. ….. ZW type, but also in the cage as a whole can not be installed to use a special needle-generation and maintenance of aircraft components , The rear bearing types plus “D”, that is, K. ….. D, K. ….. ZWD.

KBK-piston pin with needle and Cage Assemblies
KZK-crank pin with needle and Cage Assemblies
WJ-British needle and Cage Assemblies


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