Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Angular contact ball bearings in the inner and outer ring raceway there, and inside and outside the ring bearing for the relative axial displacement. This means that such a ring bearing the design is used to bear the load complex, that is, radial loads and axial load at the same time the role.



Angular contact ball bearings of the axial load capacity of the contact angle increases with the increase. Contact angle α is defined as, radial plane and the ball rolled to connect Road and a line of contact with the bearings of the vertical axis line between the point of view, this angle along the load from one to another Raceway Raceway.

Angular contact ball bearings to a wide range of design and production size. And used to be included in the catalog of bearings are as follows:

– Single row angular contact ball bearings
– Double row angular contact ball bearings
– Four-point contact ball bearings


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