Rolling Bearings

First, the structure of Rolling
Rolling the typical structure
Inner Ring
Outer Ring
Rolling in (the ball, roller, needle)
Some structures can be no inner ring, the outer ring or cage, but must not be of no rolling.

Second, the characteristics of Rolling
1, the coefficient of friction small and stable, start small moment
2, the width of small axial
3, radial clearance small, or even disappear adjustable, high-precision operation.
4, lubrication, maintenance-friendly, simple structure
5, poor ability to withstand impact load
6, large size radial
7, high-speed rotation when the noise
8, lower life expectancy



Rolling the type of features and optional
Rolling the classification
1, by rolling in the shape of points
Can be divided into: ball bearings, roller bearings, needle roller bearings
2, carrying the sub-way
Bearing to the heart: the main radial load and do not bear the load axial
Thrust Bearing: only axial load to bear
Angular contact bearings: At the same time can withstand radial and axial load
Bearing the load is the way that decisions of the contact angle
Bearing to the heart of that contact angle a = 0 °
Nominal thrust bearing contact angle a = 90 °
Angular contact bearing nominal contact angle 0 ° <a <45 °, bear the main radial force;
Nominal contact angle of 45 ° <a <90 °, the main axial force to bear.
Rolling the work and the type of choice
1, bearing performance
v bearing the greater the contact angle, its ability to withstand greater axial load,
That bear the radial load capacity decreases.
v the same form factor, the roller bearing capacity than the large ball bearings
1.5 to 3 times.
2, Speed Performance
Speed limits: In a certain load and lubrication conditions, the maximum allowed by the Rolling called speed limit speed.
Ball bearing roller bearings than the speed limit higher than the thrust bearing to the heart bearing the lower speed limit.
Bearing in diameter at the same time, the smaller diameter, the rolling of the lighter, higher speed limit.
Selection of high-speed, lightweight, light and light series of special bearings.
2, aligning performance
Aligning performance: bearings inside and outside the ring in a relatively axial deflection to compensate for both the actual work of the centerline of the deflection, and ensure normal working capacity.
Aligning bearing capacity of aligning the strongest, skewed angle 0.5 ° ~ 3 ° adjustable, better ball bearings, roller bearings times, the worst needle roller bearings.


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