Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered Roller Bearing roll neck with the general inner space to install load bearing journal bearing load bearing tapered roller bearing outer ring bearing hole used with moving into the outer ring bearing Quan Neiwai see the factory outside the circle of characters printed symbols installed Character symbols must be arranged in the order can not be bearing any load bearing clearance to prevent exchange of spare parts to change thk SBN 5012-5 screw 2002: machine tools,’s accession to the WTO is even more opportunity to challenge the expert pointed out that China’s CNC machine tools to increase R & D efforts to accelerate universal Talking about the development of CNC machine tools China’s machine tool manufacturing services to Chinese competition in milling and processing center of the current situation and market prospects at home and abroad lathe technological level and direction of the machining center of the world production, demand and the development of domestic and international trends in the world of CNC machine tools System development trends

Four row tapered roller bearing inner ring with the neck roll and generally with the gap, when the first installation of bearing load bearing box, and then put into boxes bearing journal.



Four row tapered roller bearings and bearing outer ring also used moving boxes with holes, the first load bearing outer ring A box (see Figure 2). Factory in the outer ring, as well as inside and outside the inner circle are printed every other character symbols, characters must be installed when the symbols are arranged in order of load bearing box. Can not be any swaps in order to prevent the bearing clearance to change.

Bearing all the parts are put into boxes, and within the inner circle separated, and the outer ring outside the ring every axial Kaojin.

Measurement end with the outer ring bearing cover the width of the gap between the board to determine the appropriate thickness of the gasket.


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