Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings usually by a wall bearing rings of the two lead, Cage, and guide roller rings composed of a combination of things, the general type of bearing is detachable. Bearing this installation, the demolition of more convenient, especially when requested, and the outer shell and shaft are fit more shows its advantages. Bearing this kind generally used for radial load to bear, only, the outer wall with all the separate bearings can withstand axial loading smaller or larger batch of axial load. The same size and shape of the deep groove ball bearings, bearing with such a large radial load capacity of the structure from the point of view, also applies to high-speed rotation.



DF roller and the raceway crown used it to design modification to eliminate the edge of the stress and improve bearing life.
DF wall design of a certain angle, so the bearer of the axial load greater than the more conventional design.

No inner or outer wall with wall cylindrical roller bearings
NU-cylindrical roller bearings, its outer wall with two on, and no inner wall.
N-type cylindrical roller bearings, at two of its inner wall, and no outer wall.
NU and the N-type cylindrical roller bearings, in a certain range relative to the bearing axis to allow me to make axial displacement of two-way, that could take the shaft caused by thermal expansion changes in the length, as it applies to non-bearing position. To be capable of sustaining their large radial load, but can not afford to axial loading.

, The outer wall with both cylindrical roller bearings
NJ-cylindrical roller bearings, its outer wall to double, a single inner wall.
NF-cylindrical roller bearings, the outer ring of single-wall, double inner wall.
NJ and NF-cylindrical roller bearings, may limit the axis of the shell in one direction or the axial displacement, axial positioning the realization of a one-way, and less able to cope with its one-way axial load.
NUP type cylindrical roller bearings, double-wall for the outer ring, the inner side of the wall there, on the other side there is Dang Quan. Bearing such axis can be a two-way axial positioning, able to withstand a two-way axial force. Bearing structure of the optional NUP … N. There are ramps Dang Quan HJ-NJ of cylindrical roller bearings as NUP type cylindrical roller bearings, bearings can be used as a location.
No inner or outer cylindrical roller bearings
RNU type, for non-bearing inner ring, outer ring has a double wall, that is, without the inner-NU cylindrical roller bearings.
RN-for no bearing outer ring, inner ring with a double wall.
RNU-RN and cylindrical roller bearings for radial size of the restricted parts, journal or shell holes on the surface as a direct pavement rolling, rolling pavement hardness, surface quality and accuracy of processing with ferrule Similar to the raceway.
Man-loaded roller cylindrical roller bearings
The general use of double-wall outer ring, inner ring of single-block structure, that is, NJ … V, NUP … V, RNU … V, and so on, and Cage with a similar structure of the roller bearing, compared with Rated load, simple structure. In the speed and temperature is not high, better lubrication, the cabinet of Cleanliness is relatively high, the priority to the use of appropriate age structure of the roller.
Enhanced cylindrical roller bearings
E-cylindrical roller bearings with the size of the major-general, but the roller diameter, length, the number has increased, so the carrying capacity will also increase accordingly.
Bearing such a basic model to increase after the “E” to be distinguished from other bearings, the roller inscribed circle with a diameter of an ordinary-bearing, it is not usual exchange of bearings.
Double row cylindrical roller bearing age (filled cylindrical roller bearings, SL full roller bearings)


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