Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

I provided a large cylindrical roller bearings have a single row (NU, N) and double row (NN, NNU type) are two types.



Single row cylindrical roller bearings, N-type structure for the outer ring of double-wall and inner wall-free, NU-double with inner and outer wall with ribs.
Double row cylindrical roller bearings, NN-type structure of the outer ring and inner wall of the three has no wall, NNU with three inner-wall, no wall outer ring.
NNU and NN-bearing structure are floating bearings, in order to the installation and dismantling the sake of convenience, their inner and outer ring is designed to separate into processing, such as the exchange should be asked in advance to the company.
Double row cylindrical roller bearing cage materials commonly used by steel or brass from the processing machine cut.
Of the samples included in models bearing the basic model, such as customers bearing a special request should be made bearing in the model after loading the corresponding letters, such as NNU4956MC3/W33, that entity brass cage, C3 Group clearance, the outer ring A tank and three hole.


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